laptop spec for Dragon Naturally Speaking via Olympus Recorder

  greybeard 12 Apr 12

I'm helping a friend who needs to transcribe her dictation to text. She's bought an Olympus Recorder (good reviews) which comes with DNS version 11. Problem - DNS seems to need very fast processor and lots of Ram for working with direct voice to text processing in real time, but would this also be true of going via a discrete recording device, where the voice is saved as a mp3 file, I think ?

Her current laptop has only 500Mb of RAM with a 1.6Gb AMD Athlone processor running XP Home, so my first thought is to upgrade the RAM to 2Gb if posible. However, my second thought is that the 1.6Gb chip may be too slow anyway, so I thought a question here might be a good idea, before going further.

I'd be happy to hear others thoughts on the problem.


  greybeard 14 Apr 12

Further information.

Her laptop has a max of 1Gb RAM, so not too good on that score, but to find out if Dragon would load into 1Gb, it goes onto my own desktop which only has 1Gb, with the warning that " it might not run adequately", so I think this is some evidence that my thoughts on it turning the audio file into a text file might work OK, albeit slowly.

By the way, it's a WMA format, not MP3, although even the Olympus web page, as well as all the advertisers who have cut & pasted the description, can't seem to produce an English sentence that makes sense. They obviously don't proof read the output of their own machine - there's faith in your product !


  northumbria61 14 Apr 12

You could try contacting Nuance Customer Sales with your query enter link description here

  northumbria61 14 Apr 12

Or telephone Customer Service on 0871 641 2212

  northumbria61 14 Apr 12

Calls cost 6p per minute from BT landlines.

  greybeard 15 Apr 12

Thanks for your input northumbria61. I've already sent Olympus an email for clarification, but I don't think I'll be adding to BT's coffers. I have always thought that a little real world experience from users of software can often be more valuable than that of the developers themselves !


  greybeard 16 Apr 12

Problem sorted (at least for the time being). My friend has decided to upgrade to a new laptop !


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