Laptop slow since hard drive replacement

  Bangell 23:23 07 Oct 14

Hi, My laptop's hard drive recently broke and so I replaced it with a new hard drive of the exact same model. I have installed, activated and fully updated Windows 7 as well (I think) all necessary drivers.

However, the laptop now runs much less efficiently than it did with my previous hard drive. Start-up times seem longer, and browsing the internet often results in my browser freezing and plugins stop working. In the videogame Rome II: Total War, it takes over 5 minutes to load the game, and similarly ridiculous load periods to start a battle or campaign. The campaign map section is so laggy as to be unplayable, but strangely once the battles have loaded, they run very smoothly on decent settings, as they did before my new hard drive. Similarly, Far Cry 3 runs well on high setings, but takes forever to load in the first place.

Bearing in mind these peculiar facts, where would you suggest my problem might lie? It's possible that I've missed out some drivers (my Nvidia graphics card is definitely up to date at least), and I can't imagine what sort of hardware problem I might have considering my good performance in games.

After I installed Windows and had a look at My Computer, I saw that most of my hard drive's 750GB capacity was unallocated; there was only an 80GB or so C:/ drive. I created a new partition with the rest of the space and installed my games on there, but as I've described everything loaded slowly. I have since transferred some free space from this new partition to the original one so that it has 250GB space, but this has had no performance effect. I mention this in case my problem has something to do with the creation of the new partition (I used the Windows tool).

My laptop is a Medion Akoya P6815, with Intel Core i7-3610QM @ 2.30 GHz CPU, Nvidia Geforce 650M 2GB GPU and 6GB RAM. The hard drive is a Samsung Spinpoint 750GB Internal 2.5" drive, HN-M750MBB.

Thanks in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:16 08 Oct 14

Hmm - looks like an op system problem

Try typing

sfc /scannow

in the search box and let windows look for and replace missing or corrupt windows files.

  Bangell 13:59 08 Oct 14

Okay, so the sfc /scannow command completed its verification and did not find any integrity violations.

I have defragged both partitions a couple of times. The loading times so long that fragmentation can't be the cause.

  Bangell 23:20 08 Oct 14

There are no superfluous processes using up my CPU.

  Bangell 23:58 08 Oct 14

What should I be looking for? There are a few 'errors' and 'warnings' but none listed for the past hour. I just tried loading a game.

  rdave13 04:46 09 Oct 14

Are all your chipset/mobo drivers installed?

  Bangell 23:56 09 Oct 14

I think so, yes. My laptop manufacturer has a software download page which lists all available drivers for my laptop, and I've installed them all.

  sunnystaines 09:36 10 Oct 14

new hdd may be faulty, a few years back had a bad run of them from a supplier.

  Bangell 10:37 10 Oct 14

Hi guys, the problem is pretty much solved now. I think running chkdsk on my second partition was what sorted it.

Thanks for all your help!

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