Laptop Shutsdown Unexpectantly!

  BLUELEN 20:17 21 Feb 05

Daughters friends laptop has suddenly taken to shutting down when in the middle of any application she is using. Any ideas on whats causing the problem. Don't think it's a virus as the uni she's at has a lot of software installed though that's not to say it can't be! Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 20:35 21 Feb 05

Could be overheating - ensure that outlets are clear.

Maybe either hardware or software - running in safe-mode may provide an answer.

Are there any error messages?

  BLUELEN 20:41 21 Feb 05

Will find out what error message said. What should she look for in safe mode? Thanks

  Dorsai 21:00 21 Feb 05

You dont give any details of the laptop (age etc), but the battery may be on the way out.

To eliminate the batetry, suggest the laptop owner tries it using a mains paower adaptor. If it still shuts down with out warning, that would tend to suggest the battery is not at fault.

Otherwise overheating is a potential cause, as suggested.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:07 21 Feb 05

In safe mode, just run as many programs as possible to see if it works ok - if still crashing, then it may be a hardware problem.

  BLUELEN 21:07 21 Feb 05

Apparantly the laptop is only 6 months old and problem occurs when battery is fully charged or if on mains power. Can't get any further info tonight as they've gone out. students eh!! Thanks for help so far back tomorrow.

  Technotiger 21:15 21 Feb 05

Hi, only six months old - if it turns out to be faulty hardware, I would suggest take it back from whence it came, must surely still be under guarantee.


  BLUELEN 20:45 23 Feb 05

Finally got some more information. There is no error message - the system justs shuts down. Also it now will only start from the mains charger even though the battery is fully charged. A printer was installed at Xmas. Would it be an idea to uninstall and is this done while in safe mode? The o/s is xp home and laptop is a patriot. Thanks

  woodchip 20:52 23 Feb 05

Take it back

  BLUELEN 20:56 23 Feb 05

I realise that might be the course of action she may have to take but as she needs it for her studies I was just hoping there maybe another solution first.

  JonnyTub 20:56 23 Feb 05

I'll second those sentiments

Take it back

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