Laptop showing as connected to the internet but no connectivity!

  Luca M 15:00 PM 10 Sep 11

Hi All,

My HP laptop is showing as connected to the wireless network (with internet activity) and the globe is showing in the status bar however any websites fail to load and I cannot access the router on its usual IP address.

Even if I connect the laptop directly to the router, there is still no web pages loading.

I have also taken the laptop to other locations to see if it was the router and it still does not load.

Thanks in advance.

  sunnystaines 17:02 PM 10 Sep 11

turn off router for a few mins & then reboot laptop.

option two delete your connection and reset it.

  Luca M 20:45 PM 10 Sep 11


Thanks for your response.

I have tried the router and laptop reboot and that docent seem to have worked.

I have deleted the internet connections and started again and that dosent seem to work either.

When I select 'diagnose and repair' its showing as a DNS error however it does not show a solution.

Anything I can do?

  sunnystaines 20:47 PM 10 Sep 11

you can flush the dns

instructions here

  Ashrich 23:23 PM 10 Sep 11

A reset of the Winsock and TCP/IP stack may be in order , open a command prompt ( start/run , type in CMD and press enter )

In the command box type in ( without the quote marks ) " netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt " then press enter . On the next line type in " netsh winsock reset catalog " press enter again , you will be asked to reboot . Type " exit " and press enter , then type " exit " again and press enter again , this will close the command prompt , then reboot the system , hopefully that will do the trick .


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