Laptop Screens

  maddenj 13:18 15 Aug 03

Any recommendations for cleaning Laptop Screens?
Mainly dust and greasy fingerprints. Would normal screeen wipes do the biz? Just worried that they might leave streaks. Someone suggested isopropyl alcohol, thought it might be a bit strong....

  Taff36 13:22 15 Aug 03

A normal screen wipe is good. If you use a spray don`t spray directly onto the screen. Apply to a cloth first otherwise it will run down the bottom and could compromise the circuitry nearest the hinges.

  Djohn 13:55 15 Aug 03

The main thing with a TFT screen is not to apply to much pressure when cleaning. Try to keep finger marks off your screen as well. There is a surprising amount of acid in the human skin that will, [over time, if left] deteriorate your screens protective coating.

I've had mine for approx. five months now, and all that's required is a light dusting each day. If you do need to clean then make up a small amount of distilled/filtered warm water, just a small drop of mild liquid soap added. Dip a clean, lint free cloth into this solution,wring out well and lightly wipe over your screen, followed immediately with a dry cloth to lightly buff. j.

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