Laptop screen problem

  Daisy22 19:20 09 Jul 08

I'm not sure if this a problem that needs a computer repair fix, or whether it is something that I can sort out myself.

When I adjust the forward/backward movement of the laptop screen it goes black, almost like it has stopped but the power light is still on.

Usually after a little more movement one way or another it comes back, until the next time I try to move the screen.

Any suggestions please?

  Ditch999 19:28 09 Jul 08

Sounds like a loose connection somewhere. Not something for the faint hearted to try to fix as it involves taking apart the laptop case!

  ambra4 19:29 09 Jul 08

The flexible electronic cable that connect the screen to the motherboard need to be replaced making intermittent connection

  Daisy22 20:41 09 Jul 08

Thanks for those replies, looks like a trip to the PC engineer, luckily I did take out a 5 year extra warranty. The laptop is less than a year old, does it normally go wrong so quick with this problem?

  ambra4 21:29 09 Jul 08

It all depends on the brand and model; have a Dell laptop for years without any problems, but the

next one that I buy from the same company could end up with no end of problems.

Some brands seems to give more problems than other brands Acer & HP seems to have a lot of

minor problems

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