Laptop screen not displaying

  tdooley 14:37 28 Dec 09

I've been trying to fix my son's Sony Vaio VGN FS-295VP laptop. So I recently "cloned" the hard drive of the laptop. I installed Norton Internet Security 2009 and got message to say it had completed, rebooted the laptop but I could not find Norton Internet Security in the programmes. I then installed XP SP3 and now can’t boot laptop at all, and get a stop error:
STOP: c000021a {fatal system error}. The windows logon process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000139 (0x00000000 0x00000000).
I took the hard drive out to check its make and model thinking I might replace it and at the same time moved the memory to a different slot. Then when I restart the laptop it sounds as if it’s going to boot then stops ; the NUM, CAPS and SCROLL LOCKS green lights stay on. It’s still the same if I put the memory back in its original slot. Also the laptop screen does not display anything at all, no Sony or Windows logo. It's as if the screen is powered off. Please Help.

Tony Dooley

  tdooley 15:03 28 Dec 09

I searched the forums and found one dated Wed, [email protected]:40 which suggested plugging in a CRT monitor to the laptop to narrow the problem down to the screen itself which I did but nothing appears on the CRT monitor screen. The CRT monitor power light stays as a flashing red rather than going to a constant green.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:11 28 Dec 09

Do you have a XP CD?

if so boot to recovery console and run CHKDSK

Using Recovery Consul
click here
click here

  tdooley 15:28 28 Dec 09

Put the XP CD in, the CD drive started to run then stopped but nothing displayed on either the CRT or laptop screen. NUM, CAPS and SCROLL lights stayed on as before.

  cheap 16:02 28 Dec 09

Get a torch and shine it at the screen. Boot up and see if you can see anything displaying on the screen. If you can then its most probably the inverter which has decided to give up the ghost. To get the external screen to work you will have to press the FN key plus the F key which has a monitor on it then your external screen should tuun on.

  tdooley 16:16 28 Dec 09

Shined a torch and rebooted, still nothing displayed on laptop screen so I presume the backlight inverter is ok.

  cheap 16:34 28 Dec 09

Ok try the fn+f key combo to see if external will turn on

  tdooley 16:40 28 Dec 09

Tried that before, nothing showing on CRT or laptop screens.
Thinking back to when I was working on the laptop and removed an reseated the memory; I did forget to remove the battery first while doing this. Is it possible that a problem has occurred due residual static electricity?

  cheap 16:45 28 Dec 09

Oh dear it doesnt sound good. Try unplugging power cable and removing battery leave it a minute then replace battery and cable and see if it turns on. If not then i think its DEAD. Sorry

  tdooley 17:00 28 Dec 09

Unplgged power and removed battery, left for 2-3 minutes, rebooted still nothing. If it is DEAD what options do I have to fix this laptop rather than replacing it? I'm happy to replace any parts, e.g. hard drive etc.

  cheap 17:04 28 Dec 09

You could of fried motherboard if so then its not worth fixing. Maybe its time to look at your houshold insurance.

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