MARKKBOY 15:18 20 Jan 08

My Dell laptop screen has suddenly gone to a half black half white screen and appears to have a liquid oozing around inside ? I can not log onto windows so i am unable to do a data transfer onto my new laptop,can anyone suggest how to retrieve my data from my old laptop onto my new one.Thanks in advance

  rossgolf 15:22 20 Jan 08

take it to a shop and they will be able to take out the hdd and plug it into another computer and retreive your data

  wee eddie 16:01 20 Jan 08

Get an "Enclosure". Take the HDD out of your old Lappy and put it into the Enclosure. A fairly simple screwdriver job.

You now have an External Hard Drive that has all your files on it. Transfer the Files to the new Lappy. Delete everything from the old/external Drive, Re-Format it and you can now use it for Back-ups, or storing large files such as movies or music.

  tullie 18:54 20 Jan 08

As Wee Eddie says,no need to pay to do this.

  MARKKBOY 01:44 22 Jan 08

Thanks to you all for your helpful replies much appreciated

  Longhouse 19:46 22 Jan 08

Does the laptop have a port for external monitor? If so, you may be able to hook up to an external monitor (borrowed or off desktop if one available?) and access laptop that way. If I recall, you may have to switch between internal & external displays by toggling one of the F keys.
Once in, files could be seletcted and transfered by pen drive, CD-R, etc as normal.

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