Laptop Screen Broke - LCD or screen?

  axew01 21:05 29 Apr 11

Hi all

I have an acer aspire 5920 laptop with a broken screen; I pressed too hard! The first surface seems to be intact but the bit behind went into lava lamp mode before displaying lines vetically etc (and no sense of what the output is at all). The laptop still functions with an external monitor. I have recently scoped for a repair and they wish to assess whether it is a screen or LCD problem. Can I not just order a new LCD screen and fit myself?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:22 29 Apr 11

Similar replacement video

  chub_tor 21:33 29 Apr 11

New link text or used link text

  woodchip 21:48 29 Apr 11

LCD is the Screen.

  robin_x 22:16 29 Apr 11

Excellent vid from Fruitbat there. Easy laptop. Mine is a full strip to get the screen detached and the bezel off.

Take static precautions when fiddling around inside laptop. ie earth yourself regularly. Touching a plugged in Desktop case or radiator valve pipe will do. Don't wander round over nylon carpets and get charged up.

All the Acer Aspire screens on amazon seem same type but you can double check LED or CCFL backlight by Googling your monitor Model number.

See System Info for Windows hardware/Video;2

  axew01 05:26 30 Apr 11

Thanks for the replies; the videos will be most useful! The repair centre was actually going to assess for an LCD repair (which would cost same as new screen) so I guess it is time to earth myself!



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