Laptop running Slow!Harddrive space Disappearing!!

  mark3986 01:34 29 Jan 10

hi my computer is running really slow and theres hardly anything on it and my harddrive space is disappearing but my system restore aint running as ive been told it makes computer run bit quicker. any tips and help greatly appreciated!!thanks

  Strawballs 04:02 29 Jan 10

Make and model of Laptop please?

  mark3986 14:46 29 Jan 10

click here thats it mate

  birdface 15:00 29 Jan 10

Have you run any security programs lately.
Maybe a defrag might help.

  Strawballs 15:55 29 Jan 10

With those specs it does sound suspect I'm with buteman on this one.

  mark3986 16:17 29 Jan 10

ive ran ccleaner and disk clean up and smart defrag and superanti spyware but havnt run avast yet will do that now tho and let you guys no.

  GaT7 16:30 29 Jan 10

When you ran Disk Cleanup, did you delete Shadow Copies as well? If not, do it click here

Do you have your laptop to automatically backup? Change settings if enabled click here

Do you have your laptop setup for hibernation? If yes, disable it click here

What security programs did you have installed when you noticed the shrinking drive space?

A free tool like TreeSize click here could help you determine what is hogging all that space. G

  mark3986 17:42 29 Jan 10


DiskClean Up i delete shadow copies.

no i dont have my laptop to automatically backup.

no i dont have my laptop to go into hibernation.

i have superantispyware,avast,ccleaner,smart defrag,spyware blaster.i download torrents but once ive downloaded them and put them onto disk or onto external harddrive i get rid of them off this i dont know wot it could be i carnt remember when i noticed the space started going down.

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