Laptop question on whether to leave attached to mains or use battery

  Ben43 15:36 12 Aug 14

I have a laptop and when using 9 times out of ten I can plug it into the mains. Is it better for the battery to let it be connected to the mains or allow the battery to run down and recharge?

  onthelimit1 15:48 12 Aug 14

With modern batteries, the 'must drain-charge to prevent memory' does not apply like it did with NiCd ones. So, plug in when it suits you.

  Ben43 15:59 12 Aug 14


  Jollyjohn 16:11 12 Aug 14

Modern Asus laptops have an "intelligent" charger that waits until the battery gets down to about 30% before cutting in and charging.

  Mark_Hayward 05:49 15 Aug 14

I have a 6 year old Sony Vaio V series which has always been plugged in where possible. I even left it on mains power for weeks on end if using it at home. Battery and power options were set to Vaio Optimised since day one. The battery is still good for 2.5 to 3.5 hours use dependant on what I am doing.

Answer - Plug it in whenever you can.

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