Laptop Query

  DMAN 23:10 08 May 03

I want to upgrade the op system on an old laptop that runs win98. There are no driver disks or anything as such that I can find that were with this computer. I'm worried that if I change or do something certain hardware will not work.

What do I have to consider when doing this? I don't usually use laptops and would like really like to do this and jazz up this computer a bit.

  woodchip 23:27 08 May 03

If you are not familiar with Drivers and Laptops are a pain to find and install them, I know as I have just done one, an IBM Thinkpad. You would do well to stick with win98 as it's an old laptop.

  Patr100 23:53 08 May 03

If you were planning to install XP think twice as it is likely that the age of the latop means it's specifications eg are likely to struggle with XP which prefers more ram and more disk space than 98 for even basic install. Rather than jazz it up you are likely to slow it down.

  Belatucadrus 14:48 09 May 03

First thing to do before you fiddle with the OS is to visit the manufacturers web site and try to get copies of the missing drivers. Particularly the video driver as Windows will probably not support the onboard system and 256 colours is a bit dull.

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