Laptop Purchase for student

  bristolgirl 19:00 11 Sep 07

Hi, I know it gets asked a lot but I have done some research and these are my choices.

click here

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My daughter now needs a laptop. She is off to University next year and she would use her laptop for homework and her music mainly. I have an Acer, which I am very pleased with, which is influencing my decision. However, I am open to suggestions. The very top of our budget for her imminent 18th birthday is £400.

  Newuser2 20:31 11 Sep 07

I'm also looking to buy a laptop so my research so far is that its best to have 2 G of ram running Vista both your choices only have 1, upgradable at additional cost though.
Acer or Toshiba seem to be very popular and by all accounts reliable.
Hope this helps.

  bristolgirl 20:41 11 Sep 07

Thanks Newuser2. That is a good point about the ram.

Do you know what the support is like with Toshiba?

  bristolgirl 12:25 12 Sep 07

Still searching and would appreciate any help at all!

Would this be a better one?

click here

  Acx 13:25 12 Sep 07

Of the three I would prefer the

Acer Aspire 5613AWLMi (your second link)

I think you would be hard pushed to beat it at £400

  bristolgirl 13:27 12 Sep 07

Oh Thank you Acx.

I was so confused ~ Not difficult!!

  Acx 14:17 12 Sep 07

Just looked round and I couldn't see much to beat it. Someone may find something so wait a while.

I did notice that if you click package deals on your second link you can get a carry case and mouse for just £8 more or

click here

  Durko 14:28 12 Sep 07

For £480 you can get this Zoostorm laptop which has very good reviews. Only wish I'd seen it before buying my Advent.

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  silverous 14:31 12 Sep 07

Get accidental damage and warranty! Acer best for students IMHO in terms of price/value and also the cost of their warranties.

  bristolgirl 14:52 12 Sep 07

I've never heard of Zoostorm. Is it a reliable make?

Good point Silverous about the warranty. I guess with her travelling around the country, it could easily get damaged. She is just as likely to forget is somewhere too. What am I doing?...

  silverous 14:55 12 Sep 07

Exactly, my little sis was the same and she spilt coffee all over her shiny acer. They had it repaired and back with her in about a week! If she had no warranty/insurance it would not have been good. Acer have the most reasonably priced laptop warranties I've seen and they include accidental damage in some of them also.

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