Laptop Pros and Cons

  steviegee 15:26 27 Mar 07

A lot of my pals have both a desktop PC and a laptop. What are the advantages of having both (apart from the obvious of being portable) and why would you need both?

  silverous 15:32 27 Mar 07

I once did a comparison for someone at work.

In short, if you need portability, get a laptop. If you don't, why get one?

I find them uncomfortable to work at for long periods, as I'm sure any workplace assessment would agree with.

They are harder to upgrade/maintain, more expensive, and less 'bang per buck' than desktops.

The only real justification in my mind is if portability is likely to be a requirement, otherwise I'd go desktop.

Just my 2p worth.

  provider 2 15:47 27 Mar 07

This plus links will give you something to think about:click here

  wee eddie 16:38 27 Mar 07

if you have a Laptop.

The space is taken up by all the bits and pieces that you will need to use and eventually get set-up in an unused corner.

  JayDay 17:17 27 Mar 07


1. Portable
2. Take up less space


1. Don't get as much for your money (compared to PC)
2. More costly to upgrade
3. More difficult to upgrade
3. Uncomfortable to work with for great lengths of time

  Totally-braindead 17:23 27 Mar 07

To me a laptop is not an option. A laptop will do everything a desktop can do with one exception, games. Games demand more and more in terms of graphics power and with laptops you are stuck with whatever you buy. Other than adding more memory and perhaps a larger hard drive you cannot upgrade them.
If you don't play games then a laptop might be a reasonable choice especially if you need something that can move room to room or even from town to town.
And you can repair a desktop yourself relatively easily, this is not the case with laptops.

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