Laptop to Projector

  Kernow999 13:23 06 Sep 07

I am trying to connect my Dell Latitude to a projector. The projector works with another laptop but not with mine.
The wallpaper will come up but no icons or anything else that is on my screen. I have done Function F5 etc
Any thoughts please?


  A-Nonymous 13:41 06 Sep 07

Please state the projector?

  Kernow999 13:44 06 Sep 07

InFocus LP240

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:51 06 Sep 07

Sounds like you need to get into the display settings.

you are probably looking at extended desktop on the projector.

you need to reset the second display settings.

right click an empty area of the desktop - properties - settings tab - 2 (second display output to monitor) - Untick Extend my desktop....

  Kernow999 13:54 06 Sep 07

Cool. What settings should I have the second monitor on? Resolution etc please

  woodchip 13:55 06 Sep 07

You Graphis Adapter is set to Dual Sreen. it needs changing in Diplay Properties.

  woodchip 13:56 06 Sep 07

First try removing the tick for Dual Screen

  Kernow999 14:02 06 Sep 07

I do not have a tick for dual screen although I have two screens in the display properties

  Kernow999 14:04 06 Sep 07

Function F8 sends the picture to the projector but I loose it off the laptop too

  T0SH 14:15 06 Sep 07

The Function + F8 key is normally a toggle, each press in turn selects
1)laptop display
2)external display
3)both displays

Cheers HC

  Kernow999 14:28 06 Sep 07

The Function F8 is either one or the other, sadly not both.
If I untick the 'extend my windows desktop...' box I lose the picture from the projector.
Could I need a driver for the pc or should it just sort it out?

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