Laptop Processor Upgrade

  drewett 19:18 16 Apr 08

I am just wondering is it possible to upgrade the laptop processor?

If so is it easy to do?

I currently have a Intel Pentium M 1.4ghz in a dell latitude d600.

Can it be done?


  rossgolf 19:20 16 Apr 08

simple answer. -- No

  drewett 19:24 16 Apr 08

Oh right, thanks for your reply!

  rossgolf 19:25 16 Apr 08

no problem.....its basically becuase its hardwired into the motherboard.

  woodchip 19:34 16 Apr 08

that's not quite correct, as in some you can update. mine is a Pentium M centrino 2.13Ghz some do plug in. but in the best you would have to dismantle the laptop, no easy task

  woodchip 19:36 16 Apr 08

one of the best ways to upgrade a laptop is first fit a faster hard drive a 7200 rpm drive. also memory can help if its doing a lot of work

  Jim_F 19:40 16 Apr 08

Taking apart a laptop is never easy but if you're curious this shows you how: click here

It looks like the fastest part Dell recommend is 1.7Gb - probably not worth the cost and hassle. click here

  Earthsea 19:44 16 Apr 08

More info click here

  woodchip 19:46 16 Apr 08

AS above the best way is my second post above

  drewett 09:54 17 Apr 08

So let me get this straight, i can upgrade my processor but only to a 1.7ghz?

If that is correct you suggest that i upgrade the hard drive instead?

  Quiller. 12:15 17 Apr 08

The max cpu it can take is a 2Ghz Pent M 775 with 2mb of cache.

take out the heatsink and fan click here

take out the cpu click here

replace hard drive click here

check to see the size, ammount of cache and the spin speed of your current hard drive. also see if it's ata or sata.

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