Laptop Problems ! Display Appearing Really Small..

  domtheboy 17:59 23 Apr 03

Hi chaps

I've been given a laptop to have a look at that has an odd problem. Originally it was pre-loaded with Windows 95, but recently Windows 98 was installed on it. 98 seems to be working okay, but for some reason the screen has shrunk, and whereas normally windows would occupy the whole screen, the screen appears like a small tile in the centre of the screen.

Ive checked everything I can think of (confilcts in device manager, drivers not installed properly) etc, can anyone point me in the right direction ?

Cheers !

  beeuuem 19:52 23 Apr 03

It isn't just the settings in display is it?

  handy4x 19:56 23 Apr 03

have you tried the moniter settings as 98 is not 800x600 by difalt go to control panel diplay
if this is ok you need display driver update

  domtheboy 00:51 24 Apr 03

Hi again

I've tried to alter the properties by right clicking on My Computer and so on but to no avail. I am uncertain as to the make of the laptop. As it is second hand the BIOS has a password which is locked. Is it possible that updated drivers may be necessary ?

  jeez 00:56 24 Apr 03

I did this to my lapton and it turned out I had lowered the resolution in rightclick anywhereon desktop/properties/settings try 1024x768

  Djohn 00:58 24 Apr 03

Try right click on desktop, and choose properties/display/advanced, and set the resolution to 1024x768. J.

  Djohn 01:00 24 Apr 03

Me typing slow again! :o)

  jeez 01:20 24 Apr 03

not to worry greatish minds think alike n all that! lol

  domtheboy 01:56 24 Apr 03

Hi again

Right, firstly thank you for your help already. Unfortunately altering the resolution doesn't seem to have sorted the problem. Does anyone have any other suggestions ?

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