Laptop power socket repairs

  HMIG 20:08 02 Jun 08

I have damaged my laptop, the charger is OK but the charging light now wont come on at all. Moving the plug in the socket now doesn't work either. Assuming the charger socket connection has come adrift from the motherboard does any one have a successful experience of a repair by an independent repair company? Thanks

  The Brigadier 20:26 02 Jun 08

You could look at the adverts in the back of MicroMart out on a Thursday.
Or take to a local pc repair place that do Laptops.

  The Brigadier 20:26 02 Jun 08

MicroMart has adverts for these sought of laptop problems.

  Strawballs 22:29 02 Jun 08
  woodchip 23:41 02 Jun 08

Take your pick click here

  Taff™ 06:36 03 Jun 08

This is one of the most common problems with laptops as far as insurance claims go. It would help if you tell us the make and model of the laptop. Unless you are very confident about DIY soldering you need a specialist Laptop repairer to undertake the task and the laptop will need to be stripped down completely. The cost of the spare part is negligible compared to the labour charges - typically you will pay between £90 - £120.

On some laptops the power charging circuitry is on a separate board to the main motherboard, in which case the replacement is much simpler. (You just replace the unit.)

If you are looking for a personal recommendation from another forum member of a reputable repair specialist I suggest you let us know roughly whereabouts you live.

  Strawballs 11:34 03 Jun 08

As this is such a big problem (my HP has had 3 new motherboards in 3 yrs under warranty) the I think the manufacturers should look at another type of socket, the most common one with the small pin in the centre of the socket seems to be the most vunerable.

  woodchip 13:44 03 Jun 08

What Model as I have a HP510 Laptop I bought this toward end of last year

  woodchip 13:46 03 Jun 08

its been OK so far, but the main problem with Laptops is that the charger cable can get snagged as a result of careless walking about. thus power socket gets broken

  HMIG 19:34 03 Jun 08


The laptop is an ACER travelmate though the problem does not seem to be limited to any one manufacturer.

A friend has a Mac book and showed me the power cord on that, it snaps on using a magnet no pins or socket and pulls off easily and cleanly if snagged. Probably still under patent?.

Still looking through the web for repairs best price £90 all in. Let you know how I get on.

  Strawballs 22:28 03 Jun 08

mine is a 3yr old zv5000

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