Laptop Power problem

  Sealer 10:14 19 Jun 06

My Microstar reads its battery as charging/recharging, but will only run on mains power. Once I unplug from mains its as if thats the only supply connected, the battery does nothing. I cant believe the battery could be that flat. Any idaes would be great.

  Belatucadrus 10:30 19 Jun 06

"I cant believe the battery could be that flat."

I can, when the battery went on my old FIC laptop, it was like that, total failure. No gradual loss of performance to warn you that it's getting a bit long in the tooth, it just gave up the ghost.

  Sealer 11:07 19 Jun 06

Was that like mine Fine then nothing?

  Belatucadrus 11:27 19 Jun 06

Yes, total unexpected failure. I was a bit worried about replacing it as it seemed so sudden and I was concerned that maybe it wasn't just the battery and that replacing it would be ninety odd quid down the shoot. But the new battery worked fine and I went on to get many more years use out of the lappie, before it finally expired.

Well that was my experience anyway, probably worth waiting for a few more to be on the safe side.

  Sealer 13:07 19 Jun 06

Thanks for your input. On charge now but only reading 3%. Its looking like a hole in the pocket.

  Sealer 08:26 20 Jun 06

Anyone else have any ideas, How can I check my battery/charger or laptop? Thanks

  rmcqua 11:46 20 Jun 06

We have a large number of laptops of various brands in my work place. Occasionally, the batteries do fail in the way you have described. It sounds as if your charger is working OK. If you can lay your hands on a voltmeter and measure the battery volts, that would help support my theory that it is almost certainly a catastrophic battery failure.

  Sealer 18:04 20 Jun 06

Sounds like a plan, but"so many connections, so little knowledge" :-(

  Sharoon 17:50 30 Sep 06

My Medion Microstar MD41060 (8640sc) has the same problem. It works only when connected to the power supply. I mean, works with main power. Its battery doesn't charges. When connected to main power, the orange light turns on and shows abnormal charging.

Does it mean I have to change my battery? Or there is some other problem? What should I do? Please help me friends.

  Sealer 18:01 30 Sep 06

Hi, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I ended up buying a battery £83 but all is "fine and dandy" now. The best deal I could find was click here Good Luck

  Sealer 18:02 30 Sep 06

By the way. That included P&P

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