Laptop to PC Connection

  Border Sam 21:14 31 Dec 03

How do I connect my laptop to my PC? What type of cable do I need? I've never had to do this before

  Soulhustler 12:05 01 Jan 04

You will need a twisted pair lan cable and a nic card in each computer. This is the simplist way if you run xp pro, after connecting just run the home networking wizard in my network places.
Hope this helps?

  howard60 12:09 01 Jan 04

you can buy a usb networking cable which plugs into both pc and laptop once working this is as good as network cards and cat5 cable.

  AubreyS 12:09 01 Jan 04

Before I had a wirless network I used a 'SmartLinq' USB cable to connect the laptop to the desktop. I bought the cable from Maplins. It opens up like Windows Explorer and you can just copy and paste or drag files from one pc to the other.

  Kalb 12:41 01 Jan 04

Has your laptop got an infra red port ?
If it has then all you need is an USB-IrDA device from PCW or such, Belkin Smartbeam for example which plugs into the USB on the PC and with the included drivers/software allows the laptop & PC to communicate wirelessly

  anchor 13:45 01 Jan 04

I use the PC-Linq USB cable as detailed by AubreyS. It is ideal, and so very easy to use.

Maplins stock it, price £19.99, called "USB Link Cable", or see here:

click here

click here

  AubreyS 09:07 02 Jan 04
  AubreyS 09:07 02 Jan 04

Sorry That was for the wrong thread!

  Border Sam 18:32 05 Jan 04

Thanks everyone - question answered

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