laptop paint

  the golfer 22:34 27 Oct 07

What kind of paint is used on laptops? I have an IBM Thinkpad which had a "sticky label" on the bottom. I tried to take it off with thinners and it removed the paint. It looks like a sort of thin rubber. Cosmetic I know but I would like to fix it.

  lotvic 01:06 28 Oct 07

don't know what sort of paint you will need to fix laptop, but next time you need to remove 'sticky label' glue use WD40 - it dissolves the glue without causing any damage to surfaces.
I use kitchen roll to rub it in and clean off.

  Diemmess 09:25 28 Oct 07

As you've already found out almost anything you do will make matters worse. If the scruffy patch is invisible in normal use and you still want to try to improve its looks, then use a car touch up aerosol with two important safeguards.

Use a "synthetic" enamel, NOT cellulose based.
Mask everything bar the damaged area, and apply a very light coat.
Too much will leave an ugly step at the edge and you don't want to start rubbing that down and so spread the damage!

Its your decision.

  the golfer 10:16 28 Oct 07

Many thanks for the replies. I had already used a car spray paint but not a synthetic one. That should work. Once again many thanks.

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