Laptop Novice

  coolukey 16 Oct 12

Hi I need a new lap top just to surf, email,ebay and do a bit of music download and cam corder editing.So, which is the best value for money one to get?

  Forum Editor 16 Oct 12

"So, which is the best value for money one to get?"

It's impossible to answer that unless we know what your budget figure is. Laptop prices vary considerably, and what represents best value in the £500/£700 price range will not necessarily bear comparison with the best value in the £1000/£1200 range.

Provide a budget, and we can make some recommendations. In the meantime take a look at this

  coolukey 17 Oct 12

Hi 'Ed' Thanks for your reply. When I say novice it's for real.I have seen some recently around the £300 mark,mainly from the big outlets.For my very light usage they would be ok,but I just don't want to buy a 'dog'. Regards.

  coolukey 17 Oct 12

Hi. Me again.To give you some idea of my usage,my present one has a 160gig hard drive and in 5yrs it's half full. Regards.

  Forum Editor 17 Oct 12

Ok, thanks for that information.

Bearing in mind all that you've said I think you might like this machine, which is on sale at the moment

  wee eddie 17 Oct 12

Why spend useful money on a new one?

A little gentle Housekeeping with CCleaner, which is free, and a Defrag, using the Windows own one that is already installed.

If you feel that you need to reduce the contents of the Hard Drive, an External Hard Drive (£50 or even less) can hold copies of your infrequently used or larger Files, and even provide space for a Back-up.

  coolukey 29 Oct 12

Thanks 'Ed'

Great advice and info'. Much obliged. I just bought the latest version of your recommendation with Windows 8 for the same price. But it only comes with free 60 days Microsoft Office trial. Is it possible to download it free anywhere? or if not where's the cheapest place to get it? I actually only need the 'Word' element.


  wee eddie 29 Oct 12

There are plenty of "Word Compatible" Programs out there, that are free. No need to pay a lot, for facilities that you may not need.

Others will give you the low down on which is best of the freebie/inexpensive software currently available.

  Forum Editor 29 Oct 12

You won't get a free version of Microsoft Office, you'll need to pay for it if you have a specific need for it.

Otherwise Take a look at this it's free, and it's very good.


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