laptop not charging - could it be the motherboard?

  vgibney 20 Aug 12

Hi My 3-year old HP laptop has stopped charging and I was wondering if anyone could help me to understand the problem...

The original adapter it came with stopped working a while ago and so I bought a new one. Because the shop didn't have a compatible HP one I bought a universal one and that worked for several months, until my boyfriend ripped the cable out of the jack and as an immediate result it wasn't charging again. I tried buying another adapter (both HP and universal) but they didn't work. However, I could run the computer for a while just with the battery power. When that died, I took it to a local IT repair place, thinking that the problem would be the power jack. The man there says that the jack is well-connected and that the problem will be the motherboard because it doesn't turn on. What I wanted to know is this: is it possible that it's the motherboard? How?


  lotvic 20 Aug 12

The man, he talk with forked tongue. Take it elsewhere to have the power jack repaired or do it yourself.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20 Aug 12

Yes most like power jack is detached from the board and / or requires replacing / resoldering.

  lotvic 20 Aug 12

If it were me, I would remove the HDD before leaving laptop in a shop for repair. It does not need the Hard drive in to get the power jack sorted out and battery charging up again (there is no need for them to boot up into your Operating System - the POST sequence and booting into the Bios is sufficient). I would not expose my data for all to look at in a repair shop. If they insist on having a HDD in they should have a spare of their own in their repair shop that they can put in.

  vgibney 20 Aug 12

Thanks, so do you think the man is trying to rip me off?

  northumbria61 21 Aug 12

Not necessarily - You could always get a 2nd opinion from another repair shop.


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