Laptop with new HD running slowly..?

  hawthorn59 02:28 28 Oct 06

I am selling my laptop but decided to install a new HD so my buyer will have an almost new machine. after it was installed, I loaded on Norton System Works 2003, and went online. I downloaded the updates so presume Im now protected. However Im wondering did I pick up anything while waiting for the updates to download (it took about 45 minutes).

I feel its running a bit slow and sluggish at times. Then again it could be by connection.

I got this message tonight, but I think it might be only on a particular site I was on,

" Macromedia Flash Player 6.
A script in this movie is causing Macromedia Flash Player 6 to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become nresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?"

I choose yes each time (it came about 5 times). The computer did become a bit unresponsive and i had to shut it down. It happened again but I think its only on that site, so this may not be part of the problem.

Also I checked the Disk Defragmenter, and it says : Total Fragmented 19%, File Fragmented 39%. It recommended fragmenting the disk. This is after only 4 days with the new HD installed.

Is this normal or have i a problem? I really want to sell the laptop working perfectly and fast!



  sean-278262 02:56 28 Oct 06

If the old drive was a 7200 or 5200rpm drive then getting a drive thats slower such as 4800 will significantly slow things down.

I dont think you would of gotten a virus in the small time you went online to fetch updates.

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