Laptop on the move - using WiFi hotspots

  bigrad 11:28 26 Sep 10

I am planning to use my laptop for business and with many hotels offering free wifi its tempting but I've never used hotspots before and I am concerned about security. I run Norton 360 security suite - is that going to be enough? What do I need to do to keep as secure as possible? Cheers.

  recap 16:54 26 Sep 10

Norton should be OK for you bigrad. Hotels have their own security software including a firewall.

I've used Hotel Wifi quite often and have had no problems with infection.

  bigrad 18:18 26 Sep 10

Thanks, I'll give it a try.....

  mgmcc 23:06 26 Sep 10

If you normally have the Laptop networked and have any folders set as "shared", you should disable "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" in the Properties of the Wireless Network Connection (in the Network Connections folder) before using public Hotspots. Otherwise, other users in the same network could potentially access your files.

I'd also avoid using public networks for things like online banking.

  sunnystaines 21:51 27 Sep 10

used a pub/restaurant in torquay once [think it was called witherspoons] so we could try the free wifi, it was ok, worst part all the drinkers kept looking over at us some had some dodgy looks, got a horrible feeling the laptop might get snatch off us or robbed after leaving the place, was never so glad to get back to our hotel as we were that evening.

Next time use MacDonalds! you won't get a beer (don't think) but you won't be alone in using a laptop!

Actually, if you visit a MacDonalds abroad you may well get a beer as well!

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