Laptop mouse driving me nuts!

  linsxxx 13:48 26 Jan 10

Hello :)

I've just got a new laptop (it's a Asus running Windows 7 64 bit if that's useful)

The mouse is one of those touchpad ones and for the most part works absolutely fine. The problem I have is that when I start typing I have to keep moving the mouse - otherwise after a few seconds the cursor jumps to whereever the mouse happens to be as though I'd clicked it - which I haven't.

Worse is that if I happen to leave it lingering over send or somethine it will suddenly click it - agghhhhh!

It just means that I will be in the middle of typing an email and suddenly my text appears in the middle of the previous paragraph.

I'm sure it's stupidly easy to fix but I've fiddled with the settings and haven'tbeen able to work it out - and now it's really driving me nuts! Any ideas?


lins xxx

  Peter 15:56 26 Jan 10


Most mouse pads, on laptops and/or netbooks, have an Fn + F key combination that will allow you to switch the mouse pad off and back on. Us "two finger" "hunt and peck" typist don't get much trouble with the mouse pad while typing, but if you are a "proper" typist you may need to disable the mouse pad while typing to stop the heal of your hand activating it.


  Pineman100 18:23 04 Feb 10

Many laptops trackpads allow a slight tap on the pad to act as a mouse click. Is it possible that, while you're typing, part of your hand or even your sleeve is briefly tapping the trackpad?

If you think this is your problem, you should be able to turn off the tap feature. Have a look at the settings for your mouse, etc.

  AroundAgain 16:48 08 Feb 10

Being predominantly a PC user, I just don't get on with mouse pad/touch pad, for the very same reason as above.

My solution was to get a laptop wireless mouse or, now, you can get lazer mouse. You can get very cheap ones which are very basic point and click, but easy to use and store with laptop. Usually has some sort of usb dongle.

Hope this helps

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