Laptop Monitor Problem

  Gordon999 14:16 02 Jul 08


I was wondering if any one couldhelp. This will be quite vague so my apologies before I start but I'm looking to have some suggestions to hand before I look at a colleagues laptop. (I have no detials of it as yet)I'm really just looking for some general pointers.

My colleague has a laptop and he has said that after booting up, the monitor is ok for a short while before groups of short, coloured, wavey lines appear on the screen. These basically increase in number before the whole screen in covered by them.

Could this be a hardware problem ie the MCB/video card or the LCD monitor itself. As I say any genral tips would be useful in the interim.



  chub_tor 15:06 02 Jul 08

OK this may be a really stupid question, but are you sure it is not a screensaver?

  Gordon999 15:10 02 Jul 08

Hi Chub_tor,

Now you're asking.......Until I get my sticky mits on it tomorrow I have no idea, that was why I was so vague in my original thread. However, I did get the impression that it wasn't.

  chub_tor 15:34 02 Jul 08

click here is the only link that I can find where other people have had short wavy lines. The conclusion seems to be that for them it was a graphics card hardware problem with the memory - hope that's not the case for you. There was one good suggestion so that you can eliminate the laptop screen and that is to conned an external monitor to the laptop VGA port and see if the problem still occurs. If it does then it is almost certainly a graphics card problem, if not then it is likely a screen or screen connection problem.
Let us know after you have had a look at it tomorrow.

  Gordon999 15:35 02 Jul 08

Thanks and I'll let you know

  Gordon999 11:59 03 Jul 08

Just too let you know it was an overheating problem. thanks

  chub_tor 12:17 03 Jul 08

Appreciate the reply, now you can tick it as resolved.

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