Laptop monitor colours are hard to see

  JE-KM 17:45 11 Oct 04


I have a TINY laptop, and everything about it is good except that Ilight yellow comes out as white.

I amdesigning my website with a very light yellow andorange backgrouund, and it just comes out as pure white on my laptop screen, but on my CRT monitor it looks yellow and orange - how it should.

If I look at the screen from below it looks right. The brightness of the backlight doesnt make a difference, and I cant find any onther controls for the screen.

Is there any way to reconfigure the colours?


  PA28 22:12 11 Oct 04

Try right clicking on any area of the desktop, select Properties>Settings>Advanced. Depending on your video driver you should find something useful here - like Colour Temperature and Gamma settings in particular.

  PA28 22:14 11 Oct 04

... but remember that others viewing your site may have the same problem and won't be too fussed if they have to reconfigure their display. I would suggest that you have a dangerous colour combination here - either reconsider it totally or keep the lights shades divided by a contracting colour or line.

  Liza 13:26 12 Oct 04


I have a tiny laptop. I had a lot of problems with colours at first, all right now. Bend the top cover of laptop away from you as far as possible. You will then see colours as they truly are.


  JE-KM 13:28 12 Oct 04

Thanks Liza.

I have got another TFT monitor which is fine.

Are laptop TFT monitors inferior to regular TFTs?

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