Laptop Memory Upgrade

  Luca M 23:12 28 Aug 07

I know this isnt strictly a Mac related forum, but I have a 17" Macbook pro that I wish to upgrade the ram of. I want to add a 2GB Sodimm but apple want to charge me to much for their branded ram. I have found that corsair do a stick of RAM that has the exact same spec as the apple one but would like to know weather it would work or not?


PS : Here is the RAM I found

click here

  Quiller. 23:23 28 Aug 07

get it from crucial click here They will guarantee it will work.

Your book will take 2 X 1Gb and it's cheaper with free delivery:)

  Quiller. 23:25 28 Aug 07

Sorry my mistake, it will take a 2Gb and 1Gb stick, totalling 3Gb.

  Luca M 23:25 28 Aug 07

Thanks for that. Its the 2GB stick that I need as it has 2 slots and I am going to put 4GB of RAM in total. Crucial want £164, but that corsair is £140 for the full 4GB.

I just wanted to know if there is specific ram that will not work in apple's.

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