Laptop memory problem

  cyberphobic 16:03 03 Jul 04

I have a Compaq Armada 7400 with pentium 2 333mhz CPU.It is loaded with XP PRO and works well with 256MB(2 x 128) pc133 memory. I have just bought 2 x 256mb sticks of memory thinking this might improve things even more as XP usually works better with 512mb. When I fit them (one or both)I initially get a message stating that this memory is not supported, do I want to continue and when I do the laptop boots up but only recognises it as 64MB. The memory is marked up as Apacer - 256MB UNB-PC133-CL3. P/N 71.84470.461, S/N 2001451-01560. Can anyone explain what is going on here please?

  cyberphobic 20:00 03 Jul 04

Hi thanks for your response, that certainly explains part of the problem! What I don't understand is a) why it doesn't support this memory when I am already using PC133 memory and b) why it only recognises it as 64MB when it is marked as 256MB?

  cyberphobic 21:03 03 Jul 04

OK that makes sense, but why does it recognise it as a 64 rather than a 128(or perhaps there isn't really an answer to this!)

  VoG II 21:18 03 Jul 04

Is it double-sided RAM? If so maybe the mobo is only seeing one half.

Probably completely stupid - I'll get my coat...

  cyberphobic 21:26 03 Jul 04

Thanks for your responses, I think this thread has probably gone far enough, my initial concern was that I'd bought either dubious or faulty memory, now I know that isn't the case and that the laptop only takes a maximum of 256MB, I can sell the memory I bought in error and carry on enjoying my laptop. Thanks again.

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