Laptop memory

  gengiscant 09:37 25 Apr 08

Morning all.

I was given a broken Acer aspire 1350 notebook,which I have managed to get working.
It could do with a bit more memory but I have no wish to spend a lot of money,so my question is this.
Will this click here

do or will I have to go for the more expensive here


  wotbus@ 10:00 25 Apr 08

You pays yer money and takes yer chance.
Crucial carries a lifetime guarantee. The important thing is to match your additional module to the one you have for best performance.

  Belatucadrus 10:00 25 Apr 08

I'd stick with Crucial, their warranty guarantees the memory will suit and as they also have a free carriage option that I don't think you'll get from an Amazon client supplier on £9.99, the price differential is going to be marginal.
Crucial also have a few promo links that can shave a few more pence off, try this one click here

  johndrew 10:05 25 Apr 08

The general recommendation I have seen on this site is to use good quality RAM as supplied by Crucial, Kingston and similar.

The Amazon RAM is PC333 (faster) than the Crucial RAM you identify and is probably cheaper because it is newer and there is more around. It may well work (if the mobo supports it) but will be restricted to the speed of that you have installed.

It may be worth checking with Acer to ensure the faster RAM will be supported.

  Ditch999 10:37 25 Apr 08

From the Crucial website "If the model number on the notebook indicates it is a BR10 then you have a SDRAM based notebook. If that model number indicates it is a BR20 you have a DDR based notebook."
The two memory modules you mention are both the same speed, PC2700 333mhz, but I would stick with Crucial as it is better quality and I would put in 2 x 512mb sticks (cheaper than 1 x 1GB stick) as a minimum.
click here
But you can run the Crucial Scanner and it will tell you exactly what you can put in.

  johndrew 19:41 25 Apr 08

Sorry eyes and brain out of synch. Ditch999 is correct, both are the same spec.

  gengiscant 20:26 25 Apr 08

No problem.
Still cannot decide which way to go.

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