Laptop melting is it worth reparing

  futurekid 18:52 21 Oct 06

i have had a laptop for years and it has overheated hundreds of times and as a result the pc goes off the battery is broken etc.

Now my mate can replace the thermast thing (when it tells to switch fan on

but he says there might be a risk of the motherboard not working after

and the processor is melting

so is it worth going ahead with the new thermast


  Fingees 19:01 21 Oct 06

With laptops at the present price, if yours is old, then the answer in my opinion is No

Modern laptops are not only a great deal cheaper, but the batteries last a lot longer and are far cheaper.

For instance I replaced my battery in a three year old computer, and it cost me £109.

I could have bought a newer Laptop for £300+. but as mine was a pentium 2000 and quite rugged, I bought the battery.It had originally cost £1500
All the best.

  futurekid 19:02 21 Oct 06

note: the repairing is being done for free
i have no personal data or worth back up so shall i just see the way that it goes even though i am getting a new pc for christmas

  woodchip 19:10 21 Oct 06

yes try repair, whats to lose

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