laptop is making intermittent buzzing noise

  xp novice 05 Dec 11

I have a Medion laptop, model no E7214 which I bought in June 2010. For the last fews weeks, I have noticed an intermittent buzzing noise when I either stream music or just listen to any music or video source.It also comes on when I try to run another program. I also noticed a marked decrease in my downloading speed. Also, at times, the cooling fan seems to work overtime and my laptop seems hot... No idea if these can be linked..I did a complete factory restore and checked the device manager but nothing solved the problem. Very frustrating as apart from that, this is a brilliant laptop and I never had any problems and everything else works ok. Any suggestions will be very welcome..

  northumbria61 05 Dec 11

The problem seems to point to the fan as you mention overheating. Try clearing the fan outlet by gently blowing or using an air canister Or alternatively remove the bottom cover and gently brush out any dust you find there.

  northumbria61 05 Dec 11

If you think the buzzing is connected to your sound then right click the speaker icon (on taskbar next to clock) select Playback Devices - Recording - Microphone - Properties - Levels - Slide back to 0 - click OK

  northumbria61 05 Dec 11

The fan that keeps the laptop cool, only comes on intermittently.

It sounds like that fan has a bad bearing.

I would look at the air vent, wherever it may be on your laptop, and see if that is the source of the noise, when it happens.

If your laptop is new it will be a warranty fix and if not, its still a very cheap and easy repair whether you bring it in or do it yourself.

Do NOT let it go untreated, one day the noise will stop and you will think its fine, but you will overheat your laptop and ruin it. just get it fixed now while you have the foreknowledge of something being wrong.

  northumbria61 05 Dec 11

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