Laptop Keyboard Problems

  alfredgerald 18:42 04 Jan 09

Several of the keys on the top row of the keyboard are giving a dual number or letter at the same time. e.g. tab is 1, Caps Lock is 2, 2 is caps lock, 5 gives 5 and t. Have checked regional settings and restored. No luck any thoughts?

  woodchip 18:59 04 Jan 09

You may be using Number Lock try fn key plus Number lock key

  alfredgerald 19:06 04 Jan 09

No luck

  Technotiger 19:14 04 Jan 09

My guess, a faulty keyboard. You could probably get a replacement keyboard.

  alfredgerald 19:21 04 Jan 09

Is that possible for a laptop? Would it be cheaper to by a new laptop

  Technotiger 19:31 04 Jan 09

Yes it is possible, much cheaper than buying a new laptop - what make/model is your laptop?

  alfredgerald 19:33 04 Jan 09

When I press number 9 in Word I get Spellcheck which is equal to F7. The computer is a Dell/Inspiron 1300

  woodchip 19:36 04 Jan 09

If you only use it in the house buy a PS/2 Keyboard. or there are some small ones in Maplins

  Technotiger 19:37 04 Jan 09
  woodchip 19:39 04 Jan 09

click here
You could also use a USB one

  alfredgerald 08:52 05 Jan 09

If I purchase a replacement USB keyboard for the laptop:-
a, Is it plug and play?
b, Do they need drivers?
c, Will it disable the built in keyboard?

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