Laptop / Keyboard problem

  Fatbelly 07:06 27 May 05

I split a tiny amount of water down the keys of my laptop.Now I have had problems when typing any document. Its has been in for repair and they dried it out. but the problem still exists. it has taken me 15 minutes to type this, because every time i hit a key 7 other different letters get typed so i have to go back and delete them. HELP PLEASE

  DieSse 10:27 27 May 05

You wll need a new keyboard then.

  DieSse 10:28 27 May 05

PS - for a quick, cheap temporary fix - buy a standard keyboard and plug it in - check what type of connectors are available first - PS/2 or just USB.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:36 27 May 05

Hair dryers work wonders.

  Fatbelly 18:30 27 May 05

Hi all
I have tried all of the above but so far only some success.
The rest of the keys are Okay. but it is the letter a which is causing problems. when I tap a the following comes up ;#lafjsdk.
then i have to delete all the other letters to leave the a.

I have tried a usb keyboard and it works fine but laptop run by a sepate keyboard is daft.
Help please

  Fatbelly 19:09 27 May 05

Sorry but bump to the top i am deparate

  Fatbelly 19:09 27 May 05

Sorry but bump to the top i am desparate

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:38 27 May 05

Apart from removing the keyboard and spraying it with electrical contact cleaner there is very little else you can do.

  DieSse 21:41 27 May 05

"i am desparate"

Whilst you're desperate, you use a plug-in keyboard. Then you get a replacement for the laptop - that's the "fix".

  Fatbelly 07:29 28 May 05

Now that i have thought things thru. I relise you are right. I will get a usb board then get a new board for my laptop.
Thanhs to all

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