Laptop Keyboard

  Electronic_Eric 13:05 28 Sep 09


For some reason one of the keys on my keyboard seems to be a little stiff and wont be pressed easily. Is there a way i can resolve this issue without replacing the entire keyboard or opening up the laptop?


  OTT_Buzzard 13:35 28 Sep 09

Most laptop keys can be gently levered up and snapped back into place, as my son has demonstrated on every laptop he's touched!

In all likelyhood you've got something stuck under the key. Try removing it, cleaning and replacing.

  Electronic_Eric 21:05 01 Oct 09

Not that i dont believe you OTT_Buzzard but can anyone else tell me that you can pop the keys out like you can with a normal computer keyboard?

I have a mate that told me he broke his laptop keyboard by popping his keys off.

  Technotiger 21:13 01 Oct 09
  OTT_Buzzard 21:25 01 Oct 09

I understand your sceptisism, but it really is the most practical way of cleaning the keyboard. The only other way is far more aggressive - remove the keyboard compeltely, agitate in warm water for quite a while, leave to dry for a week or so in a warm place!).

  birdface 09:08 02 Oct 09

I can understand how you feel about removing the key's in question.My granddaughter used to bang away at the keyboard and eventually a few of the keys broke off.
I was amazed at the small plastic fittings that actually held the keys together.
We sent it back for repair.There was no way I was even going to attempt to replace them.
I just found it amazing how small fittings like that could actually hold the keys together.

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