Laptop Keyboard

Help! My laptop keyboard keys b,n,CR and space seem to have ceased functioning. Is there a way round this. The laptop is 2003 vintage but a top of the range and has a 1.6Ghz proc. soI don't want to get rid of it.

Maybe there is a way of sharing a keyboard between two machines (if I can't repair it)?

ANY advice appreciated.

  mrwoowoo 20:26 14 Aug 08

You can get replacement ones for particular brands if that's the way you wish to go.
click here

  jack 12:12 15 Aug 08

A PS2 or USB boards are available and cheap- no problem except for the portability aspect
Even here there a minature plug in ones.

click here
click here

And more from here
click here

I have one of those mini keyboards on my PC (which sits next tomy laptop). Is there any way of using it for both the PC and Laptop and just switching between them (just like one can do this for a screen)?

  jack 17:02 15 Aug 08

is the name of the game like this

click here
or this

click here

I have discovered that when I get the problem of the b,n and CR keys not working, if I shut down and then switch on again they work!

Any ideas why some keys (always the same ones so far) don't work sometimes when I switch on?

  jack 10:46 16 Aug 08

But taking a lappies Keyboard apart is a pain
you have to start at the bottom and work up and the Keyboard is the last to come out.
So if it really goes on an 'add on' Kb is the only remedy

The drop cure is some time recommended in cases like this.
I simply pass it on - whether you do it is is your risk.

Close the machine down. Close it up tight.

Hold it about 6 inches about the best Axminster
take a deep breath
Then let go

The assumption is that anything working loose is jerked back into place.

Your risk entirely

But I used to do it to some desktop machines that came with connectivity problems.

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