laptop jack broke

  paulhis777 23:52 12 Feb 09

please can someone help i cannot power my laptop as the pin in the laptop power hole has broken and is now in the power lead any other way to power my laptop ?
or the worse i have to buy a new mother board
if so where is the cheapest place to buy
also just found this on ebay
DC POWER JACK PJ09-3MM £2.98 for my laptop !
if i open the back of my laptop is the jack Removable
or will it have to be soldiered back in place
thanks paul

  woodchip 23:58 12 Feb 09

If you have never been into a Laptop and not very good at sorting problems. i suggest you take it to a good repairer and let them fit a new Power Socket. If Possible

Its going to cost a bit

  woodchip 23:59 12 Feb 09

Its not the part, its stripping it down then rebuilding that takes time and Know how

  MAJ 00:01 13 Feb 09

Most are soldered to the motherboard. As woodchip says, it's a professional job, usually about £70 or so.

  paulhis777 00:05 13 Feb 09

i don`t where i heard this but i was told that some jacks are removable if so i would save a furtune how would ever know if they put back a dodgy mother board in my laptop
thanks paul

  paulhis777 00:06 13 Feb 09

pc world said around £220

  MAJ 00:11 13 Feb 09

"how would ever know if they put back a dodgy mother board in my laptop"

No reputable company would ever do that, but you could mark the m/b if you wish.

"pc world said around £220"

They're having a laugh or quoting you for a new m/b as well.

  PSF 00:13 13 Feb 09

That is a rip off!!!!click here for £80 more you can get a new laptop, you can get them for even less than £300 now.

  paulhis777 00:19 13 Feb 09

thank all for your advice
just a thought can you but a charging unit for the battery ?

  woodchip 11:06 13 Feb 09

No I think its got to be Plugged into PC If you could find where power comes and goes from the plug you may be able to create a lashup Charger

  MAJ 13:00 13 Feb 09

Actually there is, I had thought about going that route myself with my problem Dell Latitude, but I couldn't source one in the UK, although they seem fairly easy to get in the US, if you're willing to pay $70 - $80 and buy an adapter. click here

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