Laptop internet connection lost.

  Bankfield 15:40 07 Mar 09

My wireless internet connection has been suddenly lost today on my laptop which has worked for 2 weeks since buying it. The router is working as I also have a desk computer which is connected wirelessly and working with the same router.When Windows tries to solve the problem it says it cannot find any network. It then says wireless capability is turned off on the laptop and asks me to switch on the wireless capability switch which is already switched on. When I switch on the laptop the capability switch lights up, then there appears to be a very brief internet connection -only seconds- then a red cross appears on the connection icon - the capability switch has then gone off. I have very limited knowledge of computers so need very simple language and directions. Many thanks

  Diemmess 17:41 07 Mar 09

'Seems a trip back to the supplier is in order, particularly as it WAS working for 2 weeks and then ceased doing so without any related event.

Wireless cards can fail. My first laptop connected fine and I thought behaved itself. Until I tried running it all on battery alone.

After a minute or two the laptop disconnected and I had to repeat the I.E. opening and so on.
All apps and programs behaved normally showing it was not a faulty battery.
The card must have had a component on the edge of permitted tolerance.

The retailer apologised, sent a replacement card, described how to replace it, and two years later it still works fine.

  Bankfield 20:01 07 Mar 09

Thanks very much Diemmess. There is a small drop down screen in the middle at the top of the screen with WLAN LAN and modem. When I went to HELP it told me to double click on WLAN. Miraculously the connecion was restored and I can get on the Internet.I must have switched it off when playing about. I am a complete novice/ idiot as you can see. Again many thanks for replying so helpfully and so quickly..

  Diemmess 21:38 07 Mar 09

Been there, done (like) that.
Glad its sorted.

Green tick now?

  sillyfox 08:29 19 Oct 09

have you done it?
Related how to manage your laptops:
click here

  lotvic 14:15 22 Oct 09

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