Laptop to Internet

  aitch2 14:38 19 Mar 08

Being in hospital recovering from a heart attack, I was allowed to use my laptop (HPCompag NX9005)to catch up on some work/ letters. In talking to a fellow bedmate, he said I could connect to the internet and read my emails by using some sort of USB contraption plugged in at the rear. My concentration levels weren't that high, so I missed a lot of his information and details. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what I need, so if I have to return to hospital I can at least deal with my affairs in real-time?
Thanks, Aitch

  johndrew 16:38 19 Mar 08

A lot depends on what facilities exist in the hospital near your bed. If you have access to a BT `phone plug which is broadband enabled (many are) and have a USB ADSL modem, it is possible, with some ISPs, to simply plug in and away you go.

I`m not sure they would appreciate the use of a mobile `phone and it could be that WiFi is frowned on also. Probably your best bet is to ask.

Some hospitals use the `bought in` services that hang over the bed, cost a fortune and give TV `phone and internet; so the question may not be appreciated.

They may of course tell you that you are there to rest and they don`t consider surfing to be resting.

  aitch2 17:15 19 Mar 08

Thankfully, they answered all my questions first and were willing to accomodate the use of my laptop. The in-house services were an extortinate rip-off. I limited myself to 1/2 hour every other day and they seemed happy with that, so it didn't impinge on the real reason as to why i was there(rest). Mobiles could be used at one's disgression but those that used them did so in the day room when it was quiet. Hadn't heard of the plug-in, my ISP is orange, but my strength builds over the next few days might amble to PCWorld for breath of fresh air and some enlightenment(?)

  Conny 20:48 19 Mar 08

Just to say, congratulations for surviving your attack aitch2 and take things slowly.

  johndrew 10:21 20 Mar 08

Both my daughter and I are with Orange and have found that she can bring her laptop home and use her account from the `phone line here. It seems to be one of the ISPs I mentioned.

Keep well and improve at your own pace.

  aitch2 16:24 20 Mar 08

Thanks guys for the help and advice.

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