laptop hd to external hd

  conrail 17:33 10 Mar 14

have a Hitachi laptop hd that I want to convert to an external hd, have done this many times with pc hd but never with laptop hd, it has the ide connection but doesn't appear to have a power conection just 22 pairs of pins, from right to left, a gap then 2 pairs of pins, does this hd need a power supply if it is an external hd?

  onthelimit1 18:19 10 Mar 14

Not quite sure what you're trying to achieve when you say 'convert to an external hd'. If you want to be able to connect it to an external hd for backup, then you will need a caddy to take the hd. The caddy will plug into a USB socket.

  conrail 20:02 10 Mar 14

thanks onthelimit1, that's what I meant, have done this with 3.5 inch pc drives but they have seperate power leads, this drive just has the pins option so will the usb caddy also supply the power?

  BRYNIT 22:07 10 Mar 14

If it's a 2.5" IDE drive just go to ebay and do a search for 2.5" IDE caddy.

  onthelimit1 09:10 11 Mar 14

Just to expand, 3.5 in drives have the separate power supply. 2.5 in drives use pins within the normal block to supply the power

  conrail 09:51 11 Mar 14

thaanks for your help and advice, just one more question, looking at the caddys on ebay they have 3 connectore, 2 USB plus 1 small, why the 3?

  rdave13 11:47 11 Mar 14

Have a look at the photos on the left here, click here , gives a clear picture of the set-up. In this instance, though, there is a full size usb connector to the caddy. The other two are, one for power from the PC's usb port and the other for data transfer.

  conrail 12:18 11 Mar 14

thanks rdave13, and all who helped, I appreciate your help and advice and thank you for your time

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