laptop has power but not working

  casper69 23:42 15 Apr 10

hi all

i sold my old laptop to a friend 5 months ago and now they say its not working.
they told me it was working but when trying to play a dvd they downloaded from the web and then put it on to dvd format when playing they said it started to judder and screen go wierd im guess then they held the power switch off then tried to turn on but the screen was black it had power but nothing on screen not even the bios select screen came on.

any ideas, could it be the dvd?


  mgmcc 23:46 15 Apr 10

I'd suggest removing the mains adapter and the battery from the Laptop and leaving it without any power for a couple of hours. Then restore power and see if it boots.

  casper69 08:09 16 Apr 10

Cheers mgmcc

I'll give it a go tonight and let you know

  casper69 21:11 16 Apr 10


no luck with the battery left out for a few hours, is there anything else i can try?

  woodchip 23:20 16 Apr 10

Try it just on mains or, when its starting keep tapping F8 then choose last known good configuration from list

  casper69 00:03 17 Apr 10

hi woodchip

still not working i also tried f2 and f11 but that just makes a beeping noise when pressed.

sorry it seems this is gona be a bugger

  robin_x 00:10 17 Apr 10

Try every F key in turn, and the Esc key.

One of them must give BIOS, one will give Boot Options or Setup Menu etc.

If it beeps you have power at least.

Write down which ones work and which menu you get.

I generally press about twice per second until Windows starts (meaning it was an unassigned F key)
(or it beeps)

If none work, you do have trouble.

  woodchip 00:11 17 Apr 10

Is the DVD still in the Drive???? if so its not going to start, as it may be trying to boot from it. press the Drive button as soon as its switched on

  woodchip 00:21 17 Apr 10

Remove the Hard Drive from the Laptop with all power removed, then try to boot to BIOS you should get something on screen with the drive out

  casper69 01:56 17 Apr 10

i have some news good and bad

good news is the vista start up tune can be heard but still no screen coming on, tried to connect via vga and hdmi and reboot but nothing comes up.


  casper69 02:34 17 Apr 10

oh the backlight works but no video

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