laptop harddrive cloning

  d4rmsc 19:01 06 Aug 09

Hi, i want to clone my laptop harddrive, it is around 60GB.
How long would this approx take?
Also, I am planning on using Norton Ghost, any better apps out there that would not be as resource hungry and would make the process quicker?
Would it be quicker to copy some of the data onto some dvds rather than use the cloning process?

  Lee.C 19:46 06 Aug 09

Acronis TrueImage is the other popular commercial disk cloning utility. It's a bit cheaper than Norton and (in my opinion) much better.

Is the 60gb the amount of data on the hard drive or just the overall size of the drive?

Both TrueImage and Ghost copy just the data and the speed depends on..
1) how powerful the laptop is.
2) what you're backing up to (i.e blank dvd, external hard drive etc).
3) how much compression the backup is using.

On an average modern system, TrueImage takes roughly 15mins to back up 10gb to another drive.

As for manually copying to a dvd, I guess it depends on what you want the backup for. TrueImage/Ghost copies everything including all the operating system files. You won't be able to be so thorough with a manual backup.

  d4rmsc 20:09 06 Aug 09

60gb data, I have a portable drive which I want to transfer it to
laptops bit slow

  DieSse 20:13 06 Aug 09

Cloning doesn't compress the drive contents - it just recreates an exact copy.

I believe you cannot clone to an external drive - I've read somewhere it's a windows restriction of some kind (I'm not 100% certain tho').

You could try Imaging - this is the normal route to saving a compressed copy of your drive onto external media. It creates a single file significantly smaller than the drive contents.

Acronis True image is much favoured for this (I use it).

There is a free cut-down version of Acronis called Seagate Disk Wizard. It can both clone and create full images (but not image updates.)

  Technotiger 20:20 06 Aug 09

you cannot clone to an external drive ... not true, because that is exactly what cloning is for, when upgrading your internal hard drive to a larger new drive, for instance - the new drive would normally be connected via USB Enclosure, then Cloned (Acronis) and the two drives swapped over. The old drive then usually formatted and kept as extra capacity.

  Technotiger 20:22 06 Aug 09

Slightly mis-worded, the new drive is not cloned of course, but the old drive is Cloned to the new drive!

  d4rmsc 20:24 06 Aug 09

What you have stated si exactly what i wanna do, ie. replace old drive in laptop with the drive in my portable drive.
Whats the best app for this and is it fairly straight forward?

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