Laptop hard drives and RAM

  forbesholden 16:23 21 Feb 06

Hello all,

I have recently got a second hand laptop from a relative and i would like to upgrade the pathetic 4Gb to something more spacious for me to store my music etc on. At the moment my Sony VAIO PCG-747 has a Toshiba hard drive sitting in it. I am hoping to be able to put anything 20Gb onwards on it to replace this. Is it possible to do this simply by transfering all files from my current hard drive onto that one and then just swapping them or is that not going to work. I would prefer an internal hard drive over an external one as this would be one more thing to carry about when going mobile.
Also i would like to upgrade the RAM card. How would i do this and what would be a cheap soloution?
Thanks for any help
PS My laptop's spec can be found at: click here

  Gongoozler 16:33 21 Feb 06

This is the memory you would need for your Sony PCG-747 click here, but because it's old technology it's expensive. The manual should tell you how to fit the memory, but it's probably via a panel on the bottom.

  Gongoozler 16:37 21 Feb 06

This site looks like it could help you click here

  ade.h 18:44 21 Feb 06

Laptop hard-disks are quite easy to replace - provided there is a removable panel over it. If there is, the next step is to open it and have a look just to make sure that it's easy to remove by yourself.

Bear in mind that they are not very cheap, so shop around. You will see laptop HDDs that use Serial ATA now; ignore those and look for parallel ATA, most likely 66 or 100.

Due to the way in which Windows requires hardware drivers for the system board and associated components, you have to trnsfer things in a particular way. A repair specialist has the equipment to do a disk to disk clone, which could slot straight in unchanged and would work as normal. You yourself will need to install the disk, then install the OS, then add any drivers that have not already been added automatically. First step will be to copy all your documents from the old disk before its removal.

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