laptop hard drive wont format beyond 14%

  bigboab y 19:05 22 Oct 08

Bought a couple of laptop hard drives on Ebay.I ran FDISK via a start up floppy and made sure it was partitioned 100%.However when I try to format,it only goes to 14% ,then tries to run something like "trying to recover allocation tables" (or similar)followed by a number which creeps up a bit.Format then stops.Both drives do the same.Can the drive be sorted or is it wheely bin time ? (recycle bin of course :-)

  woodchip 19:07 22 Oct 08

Return the Drive its no good

  woodchip 19:20 22 Oct 08

You can check this out, but as you have created new Partitions thats why I said the above. click here

  bigboab y 08:33 23 Oct 08

Cheers Woodchip I thought as much Sometimes a bargain aint .

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