laptop hard drive is full

  ictlighthouse 13:16 17 Feb 06

I'm having a problem with the laptop, is about two months old and it shows that the hard drive (40G) is almost full. the laptop was slow at first and I managed to get the speed back. any idea what might have filled up the disk?

  rawprawn 13:50 17 Feb 06

I don't know what you have on it, but as you can see 15gig can be taken up by Windows itself

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600 MHz (single CPU for Home edition, Single or dual for Professional edition)

256 MB

Disk Space
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  Fingees 13:52 17 Feb 06

If you right click on the disk drive

select properties.

click disk cleanup.

it will suggest what can be removed

at that point if you select more options, it will show you various thing that can be causing it.

  ictlighthouse 13:53 17 Feb 06

i have not save anthing on the hard drive everything is saved on the server. i have clean the disk and empted temp file but no luck

  terryf 02:37 18 Feb 06

Is your page file an excessive size? Have you tried turning off hibernation, see click here, Empty your browser cache, have you stored web pages for offline use? Check the system restore settings in My Computer Properties, this should be set to a max 12% of your drive.

  IPA 06:59 18 Feb 06

I run click here on a regular basis.

  woodchip 08:14 18 Feb 06

Virus's fill hard drives, so it's worth doing a good check

  ictlighthouse 18:48 19 Feb 06

i have scan the laptop but nothing has been picked up.

  De Marcus™ 18:50 19 Feb 06

What make & model is the laptop?

  WhiteTruckMan 19:00 19 Feb 06

is running some sort of reload-to return it to factory condition-an option at this point?


  De Marcus™ 22:04 19 Feb 06

Just in case this is an Acer laptop, you'll have two partitions.

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