Laptop Hard Disk-Bad Sectors

  Jake_027 22:24 09 Apr 07

I have an acer laptop (Aspire 5633Wlmi) that I was trying to partition on Saturday using Paragon Partition Manager 2005, which was included on a PCA disc a couple of months ago. I created 3 partitions with no problem, but I tried to create a fourth one (I was intending to have a dual boot system) and now the computer gets as far as loading Windows XP SP2 before flashing a BSOD and rebooting, even in safe mode. I tried restoring using the acer recovery discs, but they just throw up an error about a boot.ini file and give up, so no luck there. However, I also have true image 10 and an external hard disc, but had only made one previous backup about a month ago (bad I know). Anyway, acronis boots fine from the CD and when scanning for locations after selecting recovery, brings up a number of bad sectors on Hard Drive 1 (the internal laptop one). It then gets as far as selecting what to recover, before hanging for 10 minutes and then rebooting the laptop, where it returns to the original acronis screen again. I am currently working with acronis support, but in the meantime, any suggestions on what could be the problem or other ways to resolve the problem would be appreciated.



  woodchip 23:11 09 Apr 07

You need a Disc check tool. The Disc may be a hitachi. But you should take it out to have a look as it would be better to use a tool from Hitachi if they have one.This should check the drive and allow bad sectores to be marked out

Down at the bottom of this link if it is Htachi drive click here

  Jake_027 23:54 09 Apr 07

If I just burn the iso to disc (CD) as my laptop has no floppy drive, will it boot from it, or do I need to do something to it first. I only ask as I burnt an iso of the latest copy of true image to disc and it will not boot from it.

Thanks for the help so far


  woodchip 00:02 10 Apr 07

yes it should boot from it, like double click the download and Nero should do the rest

  woodchip 00:04 10 Apr 07

You cannot just burn the file as is to a CD. it as to be burned as a Image. as above try double click on file

  Jake_027 00:06 10 Apr 07

I'm afraid, all I have is the default XP software. Will CD burner XP Pro be able to do this for me, if so I will download it.



  woodchip 00:09 10 Apr 07

No the Iso as to be converted to a Image file.

This will do it click here

  Jake_027 00:11 10 Apr 07

Will work on it tomorrow, your help so far is much appreciated.


  Jake_027 08:55 10 Apr 07

Which tool do I use, the Drive Fitness test or the OGT test. I think my hard drive is Hitachi, I remember the RAM was when I ran CPU-Z some time ago, but try as I might I can't find out which one I should use.



  woodchip 10:45 10 Apr 07

Drive Fitness

  woodchip 22:07 10 Apr 07

how's this going? is or not?

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