Laptop Freezing problems

  Tonydxb 18:51 14 Aug 07

My IBM thinkpad has started freezing.

It started when i was just online, but now it happens when i just boot it up. It gets so far then freezes. Before i could surf for an hour or so, but now not even letting me open a window.

Problem started when i switched to PIPEX from TISCALI. Ive spoken to PIPEX who have asked me to run anti-virus / spyware in safe mode which i did and that seemed to cure the problem for a couple of days and now its getting worse. They have now told me to run the anti-virus in normal mode, then safe mode and then normal mode again. Ive tried this but it freezes before the anti-virus has time to finish and tell me the results.

Whats the solution?

Thanks in advance


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