Laptop Finds Network But Can't Connect

  thegreypanther 16:03 PM 04 Apr 11

I have a home wireless (4G) network using a Belkin router. My laptop has a Belkin USB Wireless Adapter which is correctly installed, and soon finds the network, - signal strength "excellent".
However, I can't establish a connection with the message "acquiring network address" being shown.
I suspect that this is because I have forgotten the correct encryption key for the secure network and have been inputting the wrong key.
Is there a way of finding the correct encryption key?
Or maybe I have the correct key and am doing something else that's stupid.

  onthelimit1 17:15 PM 04 Apr 11

Sounds like wrong key. Is it not on a label on the base of router? If not, you can log into the router set up pages (connected by ethernet cable) and should be able to sort it in the wireless pages.

  dawood 16:20 PM 06 Apr 11

It could due to incorrect wireless encryption key, It could due to other incorrect wireless router or wireless adapter configuration too. Take a look on this wireless network troubleshooting tips article click here , see whether could help you.

Hope this helps.

  proudfoot 16:24 PM 11 Apr 11

Try changing wireless channel

  C_3PO 20:36 PM 12 Apr 11

Could be anything really, I would first off connect as suggested via the Ethernet cable. Log in using your default browser, just double check your "WEP or WPA key" etc, it should be on the box. If your unsure what your is going on in the router and no shortcut has been placed on your desktop for the router, type "CMD" in the Vista/7 search box. Once the command prompt is open type "ipconfig/all" without the quotes, look for your "default gateway" 192.16... type that into your browser. Have you tried connecting another device with the same settings, iPhone etc?

  thegreypanther 11:54 AM 14 Apr 11

Many thanks for all the hints and tips. Almost certainly my problem arises because of a lost encryption key. Unfortunately, trying to use the software recommended to recover this key results in my Norton Security Centre clamping down hard and telling me I'm a naughty boy. I'll have a shot at recovering the key when the PC is off-line and I can temporarily shut down Norton.

  onthelimit1 17:22 PM 14 Apr 11

No software reqd. Just go into the router pages and under the wireless tab the key will be displayed


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