Laptop failure

  dontaskme 16:49 26 Jul 04

I set up a wireless network on my acer 803 laptop to play a game with a friend. The game loaded up then froze. I pressed and held the on/off button for 4 secs to turn it off (nothing else responded). It wouldn't load back up. The fan starts and it reads the cd drive, but then nothing. The lights are on, except the network. The screen doesn't start up.

I've had the laptop for 12 months and 10 days, so it is over the warranty. I assume it's a hardware problem, but is there any way to check?


  Diodorus Siculus 17:02 26 Jul 04

Can it boot with the CD? Sounds as if the hdd is damaged and if you can boot with CD you may be able to format / reinstall.

  dontaskme 20:15 26 Jul 04

Thanks, I'll check that.

  dontaskme 14:28 27 Jul 04

Doesn't work. The laptop doesn't get past the POST stage (screen doesn't come on).

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